How You Can Work With CODE

Since 2015, CODE has worked with dozens of business and nonprofit partners and a wide range of government agencies. We are always interested in finding new partners and new projects to put open and shared data to work for the public good. We can work with you to co-create new initiatives from scratch or to support your existing programs. Our team includes highly experienced researchers, writers and editors, event managers, facilitators, data scientists, and project managers, all with expert knowledge of data policy and practice. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, we are funded by a combination of government agencies, foundations, and corporate sponsorships. Please feel free to reach out to us at

Our Expertise

Inclusive Convenings for Co-Creation

We have held more than 30 Open Data Roundtables, using our unique methodology to help business, nonprofit, and government leaders co-create data-driven solutions to public problems. We have worked with the White House, U.S. Federal agencies, other national governments, intergovernmental organizations, and a wide range of corporate and nonprofit partners to plan, convene, and synthesize results from these Roundtables. CODE hosts virtual, hybrid, and in-person Roundtables with up to 100 participants, and smaller, focused Workshops with a few dozen experts. We draw on CODE’s extensive network of more than 2000 experts to invite participants with different perspectives to each convening. CODE produces publications, webinars, and online resource hubs to ensure that each convening has a broad public impact. We manage all planning, hosting, facilitation, and preparation of related materials to ensure that each convening produces actionable results efficiently and cost-effectively.

Open Data Policy and Strategy

Our team has decades of combined experience working on open data policy and practice. We have worked with a wide range of government agencies and offices on their open data strategies and programs. We provide strategic advice on the use of data in emerging areas like AI applications, expert legislative and policy analysis, and access to a network of practitioners to help organizations understand opportunities to use open data in their programs and products.

Research, Data Gathering, and Analysis

Our researchers explore a wide range of topics related to data use, including historical trends, policy, and public data sources. Our research work ranges from developing white papers and policy briefs on the use of data to creating resource and data hubs for public use. We use desk research, interviews, and other information gathering approaches to develop our thorough, expert analysis.

Project Management

CODE has managed dozens of complex projects in partnership with government agencies, other nonprofits, and businesses. Two members of our staff are certified as Project Management Professionals by the Project Management Institute. We develop and implement robust project plans to ensure that even the most complex initiatives stay on track throughout the project management lifecycle.

Writing, Editing, and Publication

Our team members are skilled writers and editors, including one with long-term experience as an award-winning journalist. We develop written content and provide editing for social media campaigns, op-eds, websites, white papers, policy briefs, research papers, and more. We also create content for online resource hubs and websites on a range of topics. In all media, we specialize in translating complex, technical concepts into plain language for public audiences.

Our Knowledge Areas

A recent national award for CODE’s president praised CODE for having “zeroed in on the use of data for the public good and social justice.” We have applied our knowledge and expertise to help apply data in areas including climate and the environment, health and healthcare, and racial equity. We bring subject matter knowledge to a wide range of fields. Click on the topic areas below to find examples of our work.

We are happy to explore how CODE can work with your organization to find new ways to put data to use. Please contact us at We look forward to working with you!

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