Since 2015, the Center for Open Data Enterprise has developed a portfolio of methods to help put data to work for public good. We’ve worked with dozens of nonprofit, business, and intergovernmental partners and a wide range of government agencies and offices to tackle data challenges and opportunities in areas including:

Climate and Environment
Data Applications for Business

Criminal Justice and Policing
Data Policy: U.S. and International
Government Finance
Workforce Opportunity

Our team includes highly experienced researchers, writers and editors, event managers, facilitators, data scientists, and project managers with expertise in data policy and practice. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, we are able to offer our expertise at competitive rates. Inquiries can be addressed to

Through nearly a decade of work on applying data for public good, CODE has developed a methodology that leverages the virtuous circle of Collaboration, Action, Knowledge, and Education. Unlike purely technical organizations that focus on improving datasets, conducting data analysis, or building analytic tools, we take a unique approach that focuses on how data can be used. Our work is designed to combine technology, policy, and practical application to solve important public problems. We have successfully applied our methodology to help organizations put their data to better use across a wide range of areas and applications.

Each step in our process involves projects and actions that can be done on their own or as part of a sequence of work. Through CODE Consulting Services, we can design scalable projects to meet our clients' needs in whatever way works best for them.

Collaboration: Stakeholder engagement and convening

In running dozens of roundtables and workshops with nonprofit, business, and government partners in the U.S. and internationally, CODE has developed a unique methodology for planning and conducting highly structured, action-oriented convenings. Our methodology covers every step from initial conceptualization through event planning, briefing materials, facilitating, and synthesis and publication of results. We can hold these events in person, virtually, or in a hybrid format, with anywhere from two dozen to almost two hundred people. These convenings create new connections, foster collaboration, and help diverse groups find common ground for cooperation and action.

Knowledge: Research, data gathering, and data analysis

CODE conducts research on the availability, quality, and use of publicly available data sources. Our work ranges from consulting on the use of data in AI applications to creating resource hubs that present key data sources for public use. We are also expert interviewers who can gather input, information, and insights from large numbers of individual stakeholders to inform our research projects.

Action: Actionable findings

CODE has written dozens of reports, analyses, and white papers on government data policy based both on our roundtables and workshops and on our own independent research. Our recommendations have informed U.S. government-wide data policies, individual agencies' work, and the fulfillment of international data requirements related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and climate reporting.

Education: Reports, tools, and outreach

CODE has published lay-language guidance on putting data to use, case studies, and articles for a wide range of tech and policy websites. We also create online tools and websites for public education on topics such as the global use of open data, U.S. open data policy, the UN SDGs, and health data sharing. Our unique approach to convening also helps our partners and clients engage and educate current and potential data users.

Support Services for Client Projects

In addition to designing these kinds of projects with our clients, we are happy to offer CODE’s services to support existing client projects through our experience and skills. These include:

We look forward to exploring how CODE’s services can help your organization succeed. Please reach us at to set up a call.

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